2018 College Fantasy Gymnastics Rules

Getting Started

To play Fantasy Gym in 2018, you simply need to create an account and draft at least one gymnast no later than January 1rd, 2018 at 9pm ET.

Account creation is easy! Simply follow this link and use a valid email and password to create your Fantasy Gym account. From there, you’ll be all set up to begin drafting and managing your team.

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The Basics

At the start of every Fantasy Gym season, players get to select the people they want to put on their drafts for the year. Once the drafting period ends, players are assigned their teams and a conference with other players.


Conferences are randomly assigned at the beginning of the season. Conference size varies depending on the number of players each year, but is typically around 25-30 players.

In your conference, no player has the same gymnast, and you will be competing to win your conference and move on to the Fantasy Gym Championships!

At this time, players cannot select a conference or create one with other players. We hope to add that feature in the future! You can, however, view anyone else’s score on the overall rankings page.


Your weekly score will consist of 5 scores on each event. If your team does not have 5 scores, you will count zeros for the scores you are missing. Scores from gymnasts who do exhibition routines do not count. If a gymnast competes more than once during a Fantasy Gym week (Wed – Tues), her scores will be averaged if she competes an event twice.

At the end of each week, all players’ scores will be updated. All your weekly scores are averaged together to get your overall score. Starting in the fourth week of play, your low and high weekly scores will be dropped and excluded from your overall score.

Drafting Your Team

You must put at least one gymnast on your draft list prior to the end of the drafting period (January 1rd, 2018 at 9PM ET) in order to get a team for the 2018 season.

You may list up to 200 gymnasts on your draft list, or you can use as few as one gymnast. During the draft, you will be randomly assigned an order within your conference, and the top ranked gymnast on your list will be assigned to your team when it is your pick. If there are no gymnasts on your list left, you will be randomly assigned a gymnast.

Setting Weekly Lineups

Each week, you can adjust your lineup, or the gymnasts that you will have competing for you in the upcoming week. You may pick up to 8 gymnasts for each event. Once you set your first lineup, Fantasy Gym will save your lineup for the next week

Lineup changes will close the night prior to the first meet of that week (typically Thursday nights) at 9PM ET.


We’re excited to announce that we will again allow gymnast trading for 2018.

Trading will begin after the first week of competition (January 13th). Trading will no longer be allowed after lineup submission the final week of the regular season (conference championships week). At that time, trading will be closed for the season, and any Championships players will not be able to make any trades during post-season.

Fantasy Gym Championships

The winner of each conference will automatically qualify into the post-season of Fantasy Gym. There are also a number of wildcard slots available for the top players who did not win their conference. Players will qualify into wildcard slots based on their overall score, and the number of wildcard slots will be determined later in the season.